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Jane playing the string bass on The Mentalist, 3.22 Rhapsody in Red

Blake Neely, music composer for TM, showed Simon how to play Believe (Jane’s theme song)  on the string bass for the episode.  [LINK]

For Pellegrinaleoni

The truth is… I love you. Whew! You can’t imagine how good that feels to say out loud, but it scares me… and it is the truth. You deserve to hear it. I love you, Teresa. And it makes me happy to be able to say that to you. I love her. That woman in 12B, I love her. // Did you mean what you said? / Yes, I meant what I said. Every word of it. / Good. Because I feel the same way. / Well, that’s lucky.

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Interviewer: Robin, my wife has a crush on you, it’s not just Simon.

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